Sunday, December 17, 2017

Board Meetings

The Kingsville BIA regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the Carnegie Arts and Visitor’s Centre. All BIA members are welcomed and encouraged to attend. All meetings are run in accordance with the BIA's Procedural By-law 2.

Please contact the BIA office in advance if you would like to address the board. Anyone wishing to appear before the board as a delegation must submit a written request to the Coordinator by noon on the Thursday prior, and shall include any written or printed material they wish to have distributed to the board. 


The BIA Board of Managers were pleased to present the new Strategic and Marketing Plan for 2016-2018. Copies are available here or can be picked up at the BIA Office. 

 2017 Meeting Dates

January 10 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
February 7                      Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
February 21 Annual General Meeting  Agenda
March 7 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
April 11 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
May 9 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
June 13 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
July 11 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
August 8 Regular Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
September 12 Regular Meeting  Agenda
October 17 Regular Meeting & Budget Discussion
November 14 Regular Meeting & Budget Discussion
December 12 Regular Meeting & Budget Discussion

2016 Meeting Dates

January 12 Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes
February 9                       Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes
February 16 Annual General Meeting

AGM Booklet    Seminars

Strategic and Marketing Plan          Minutes

March 8 Regular Meeting Agenda    Minutes
April 5 Regular Meeting Agenda    Minutes
May 10 Regular Meeting Agenda    Minutes
June 14 Regular Meeting Agenda    Minutes
July 12 Regular Meeting Agenda    Minutes

August 16 @ 7pm

Rescheduled Regular Meeting

Agenda    Minutes  

September 13 Regular Meeting Agenda    Minutes
October 18 Regular Meeting & Budget Discussion Agenda    Minutes
November 8 Regular Meeting & Budget Discussion Agenda    Minutes
December 13 Regular Meeting & Budget Discussion Agenda    Minutes


2015 Meeting Dates

January 13 Annual General Meeting  Details     Agenda   Minutes
February 10                    General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
March 10 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
April 14 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
May 12 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
June 9 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
July 14 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
August 11 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
September 8 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
October 6 General Meeting & Budget Discussion  Agenda     Minutes
November 10 General Meeting & Budget Discussion  Agenda     Minutes 
December 8 General Meeting & Budget Discussion  Agenda     Minutes



2014 Meeting Dates

January 14 General Meeting Agenda     Minutes
February 11                          General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
March 11 General Meeting Agenda        Minutes
April 8 General Meeting  Agenda        Minutes
May 13 General Meeting  Agenda        Minutes
June 10 General Meeting Agenda        Minutes
July 8 General Meeting  Agenda        Minutes
August 12 General Meeting Agenda       Minutes
September 9 General Meeting  Agenda     Minutes
October 7 General Meeting  & Budget Discussion  Agenda     Minutes
November 4 General Meeting  & Budget Discussion  Agenda     Minutes
December 9 General Meeting  & Budget Discussion  Agenda     Minutes

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